Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Blitzit Cleaning Solutions are renowned for their professional, expert cleaning service skills for all types of kitchen ventilation and duct system cleans.

We provide out of hour service so as not to disturb your working trade hours and will provide you with all the knowledge you need to know, offering you free inspection test’s throughout the year.

Our professional thorough service will ensure that you comply with fire safety, health and safety and your insurance company’s requirements.

However well maintained you think your kitchen extraction system is there will inevitably be a build up of grease in the ductwork. This accumulated grease forms a hidden combustion load within the internal surface of ductwork. This ductwork then penetrates deep within a building, through walls and floors before it reaches its discharge point. Under the right conditions fire or even high temperatures can ignite this level of grease, with devastating consequences.

If you have an extraction system in any type of commercial environment then the fire safety order regulations mean you are responsible for minimising the risk of fire to the building and occupants. This build up of grease also has hygiene implications and leads to the extract system running less efficiently.

The need for specialist cleaning on ventilation systems will depend on the level of usage, types and quantity of food and other risk factors such as vulnerability of the system to ignite and affect building occupants, our friendly team can help guide you through this and make sure you are following all guidelines and legislation.

 Prior to the cleaning we will provide you with a micron reading test which will be provided on your report, this will help us indicate the information needed to advice you when your next clean should be due. Pre and post clean photographs can be requested prior to the clean.

Upon completion of the cleaning work we will provide you with a report and certificate providing all the information your insurance company may require and also an indication of your next check and/or clean.


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Air Duct Cleaning

Blitzit Cleaning Solutions qualified technicians and trained staff can provide expert cleaning skills on your buildings air duct systems however big or small it may be. You may not notice but the majority of public buildings will have ductwork in it. It comes in all shapes and sizes with much of it hidden from view.

However, this does not prevent the accumulation of dust and debris pathogens, vermin and over a period of time a significant build up can occur. Breathing in air which flows over this can cause a serious risk to health and wellbeing of all who inhale it, this could leave you open to litigation from anyone claiming their respiratory problems.

In order to prevent this major issue various guidelines and legislations have been issued to clean ductwork. They can be found in B&ES TR19, BS EN15780, HTM 03-01 and TM26. All our staff at Blitzit Cleaning Solutions Ltd are fully trained and kept up to date with new legislation.

Our fully trained technicians can fit access panels to provide access to clean the ducting efficiently, using specialised equipment providing minimum disruption to yourselves.

Once entry to the ductwork has been achieved various methods of ductwork cleaning are employed depending on the type of building, ductwork and contamination.

Our technicians at Blitzit Cleaning Solutions Ltd can test you are compliant with TR19 and BS EN15780 and this can be verified by an Independent UKAS Laboratory; South West Water, we will then provide you with a full report on the system.

Health & Safety Regulations

The duty to comply with the Health & Safety Regulations concerning ventilation system maintenance and cleaning has been in force since January 1st 1996.

Now, TR19 and BS EN15780 have set new standards.

Does your work environment require our services?

What you need to know

If following a fire, the investigating Fire Officer found that there was a lack of access doors in the system making it impossible to clean, the building owner could be found guilty of negligence. They could be prosecuted and fined under the Health & Safety (Offences) Act 2009.

The introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, has created the legal requirement for all buildings to have a fire risk assessment undertaken. To comply with the legislation any identified fire hazard must be removed, controlled or minimised where possible.

The Health & Safety Executive BSRIA FPA Insurance guidance and regulations stipulates that kitchen extract systems should be kept clean to minimise fire and other risks. Failure to comply with the above will often lead to refusal to pay up by the Insurance Company.

The areas of the extract that are not readily accessible require cleaning to TR19 Standards. Our operatives, trained to TR19 standards, will provide access panels at the correct intervals to ensure accessibility. Once the cleaning is carried to TR19 Standard, a cleaning certificate will be issued showing the length of time until the next visit is required.

Please note:

Commercial liability/property insurance policies invariably contain conditions and warranties that stipulate a minimum cleaning frequency for grease extract ductwork systems under the insurance contract, which can be a higher frequency of cleaning that TR/19 recommends. Failure to comply with such requirements will invalidate the property insurance.

The canopy and canopy/extract plenum is an area of higher fire risk and consideration should be given to more frequent cleaning in accordance with insurers’ requirements.

Periodic specialist cleaning should be accompanied by daily or weekly cleaning of canopies, filters and associated drains and traps in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations, typically carried out by the kitchen operator, in compliance with the property insurers’ requirements.